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I started teaching in 2006, by chance really! I enquired how to become a Swimming Teacher at the Swim School my eldest son was attending and the rest as they say is history!
I have 3 children, Rhys, Kyra & Max. Rhys and Kyra are good swimmers and Max is getting there!!
This is a passion not just a job.


I have been swimming since I was 4 years old and I have a passion for swimming & sport.
My mum is Michelle the owner of Seachelles Swim School, I became a helper for Mum at the age of 13 years assisting the teachers with the groups.
I have recently qualified as a Level 2 Swim Teacher.



I have been swimming most of my life, I have completed my ASA Stage 10 Swimming, Stage 10 Synchronised Swimming & Rookie Lifeguard. I also enjoy most water sports.
I have recently qualified as a Level 2 Swim Teacher and am excited to be given this amazing opportunity to help other people enjoy swimming as much as I do.



I am a helper in the water and my role is to help the teachers conduct the lessons by giving children extra support.
My Mum is Michelle, owner of Seachelles Swim School.
I enjoy the opportunities this job has given me.