Term Dates

SEACHELLES follows the Norfolk County Council school term dates.  Some venues will have the opportunity to continue lessons over the school holidays except for public holidays and the Christmas period.

Autumn Term 2022

STARTS: w/b 12th September 2022

HALF TERM: (1 week) w/b 24th October 2022

LAST WEEK: w/b 12th December 2022

Spring Term 2023

STARTS: w/b 4th January 2023

HALF TERM: (1 week) w/b 13th February 2022

LAST LESSON: w/b 27th March 2023

Summer Term 2023

STARTS: w/b 18th April 2023

HALF TERM: (1 week) w/b 29th May 2023

LAST LESSON: w/b 17th July 2023

These dates were correct at time of publish, however are subject to change.