Terms & Conditions


Swimmers already having lessons with SEACHELLES will have priority on places. However, payment must be received by the last lesson of the current term to secure a space for the following term.

Re-bookings are normally sent 3/4 weeks prior to the end of term.

Term lengths may vary, prices are based on the number of lessons per term. Payment is for the term in advance as you reserve the space in the group or your private lesson time. NO PAYMENT, NO LESSON.

Payment methods: Cash or Bank Transfer is preferred.

SEACHELLES operates a NO REFUND policy. There will be NO refunds once the new term has commenced. Notification of non-attendance is appreciated.

Cancellations due to pool closures or staff absence, will be credited to the next term. If you no longer wish to continue with lessons, notification must be made at least 2 weeks before the end of term. Any credits owed will be refunded at the end of the current term.

SEACHELLES hires pools from various locations and is therefore not responsible for the pool maintenance.

SEACHELLES adheres to the regulations laid down by the letting facility for each pool. Please follow any instructions given by the teacher regarding this.

GDPR, your personal information is not shared with a third party and will not be used for advertising purposes. All information is kept in a locked office. If you or your child stops swimming with SEACHELLES, information is then destroyed by shredding and burning, it is not put in recycling.

SEACHELLES teachers have the right to remove a child from a class if they are continuously misbehaving or putting the group or themselves at risk.

It is not the responsibility for SEACHELLES to look after pupils prior to their arrival on the poolside or once they have left.

To keep changing rooms clean and hygienic, please remove all outdoor shoes before entering the pool.

Parents are responsible for children in the changing area.

If a parent wishes to speak to the teacher, they must wait till the lesson is over to arrange a suitable time or contact Michelle Foyster.

The teacher will not be able to answer questions during lessons.

Please be changed and ready to start on time for the lesson.

If you do not wish to stay on pool side while your child/children are swimming, please do not leave the pool site during the lesson and ensure you are there to collect them at the end.

In an emergency, you need to leave, please ensure we can correct contact number and you inform the teacher if someone else is collecting your child.

NO RUNNING on poolside or surrounding areas i.e. changing rooms and showers.

SEACHELLES will provide the equipment needed for the lessons. Children with long hair are required to have it tied back and swimming hats are to be worn by all swimmers (adults included), goggles are allowed, but may be taken away from the child if they become a distraction during the lesson.

Costumes are to be full costumes for girls and trunks for boys, no bikini’s or bermuda shorts.

Awards are continuous throughout the term; you will be notified via the Home Portal/CoursePro if your child has received an award. Awards are £3.50


Respect other users.

Follow the one system or guidance given for each venue.

Where possible arrive to lessons with costume on.

Spend as little time as possible in the changing rooms.

Shower facilities are unavailable, please shower at home (venue specific).

Maintain appropriate social distance.

Do not share equipment.

Use hand sanitiser/wash stations wherever made available.

No bags to be left in the changing rooms.

Parents, please wear face coverings entering the pool building and in the changing rooms, if you are more than 2metres away from others on poolside you may remove your mask. If you are closer than 2metres we strongly advise continuing to wear a mask.

One Parent/Guardian per family.

Children over 11 years old do not require a parent on poolside, however, must stay on the site of the pool.

Do not attend lessons if you or anyone in your family has any symptoms of Covid-19.

A teacher can refuse to teach a swimmer if they feel they are unwell and should not be at the lessons.

Home Portal

Please ensure all your details are correct on the home portal.

Confirm you have read and understood the Terms & Conditions.

Please add additional children or family members to one home portal as this will make it easier for yourselves.

Any emails or text messages sent from CoursePro are for information only, if you need to contact SEACHELLES please use the main office email and mobile number.

Children’s progress will not be updated weekly, however the teachers will endeavour to update progress every half term.

If you have any questions with regards to Home Portal, please contact Michelle.